Palm Beach State College

Why should you join United Faculty of Palm Beach State College?

• Only members are entitled to UFF representation for grievances and arbitration. Non-members must hire their own attorney to defend their rights and resolve their disputes with the College.
• Membership includes a $1 million liability insurance policy, in case you are sued in connection with your job.
• Members are entitled to free consultations with an attorney on non-employment related issues, and reduced charges if you retain one, through the Attorney Referral Program.
• Members support the organization that negotiates and defends your collective bargaining agreement.

Think you can't afford to join? How can you afford not to?

Dues are just 1% of your salary, divided equally over pay periods.  The union works to ensure that the administration cannot impose a top-down corporate management structure nor treat faculty as expendable employees.  We advocate for collegiality and shared governance, faculty autonomy and faculty rights.  More members means a stronger union, and a better contract  work environment.  Through your membership, you become part of the collective voice of the faculty.  When you join UF-PBSC, you also become a member of FEA, NEA, AFT, and AFL-CIO, as well.

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